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Aerial Incendiary

Aerial Incendiary Operator
Developing skills and nurturing specialists in bombardiering, navigating and reconnaissance

FFEC aerial incendiary trainers are specialists practising in bombardiering, navigating and on-ground reconnaissance throughout vast remote properties in Northern Australia. These highly sought-after skills are transferred to our course participants with the completion of the nationally recognised Aerial Incendiary Operators Course.

All courses in aerial incendiary can be tailored to meet specific needs, whether it be to gain competencies in using automatic delivery systems such as the Raindance R3 system, refresher courses or comprehensive courses that build skills in identifying firescars and strategic burn techniques for optimal ecological outcomes using hand injection and manual delivery.

Onground Burning

We pride ourselves in being a standalone organisation in the method in which we deliver accredited training programmes. Our trainers are  qualified  practising specialists who ensure our course participants receive up to date training from practistioners in the field.

Our trainers will travel to the most remote locations and are experienced in delivering programs to all types of learners.

All of our courses are comprised of a large practical component enabling participants involvement in all aspects of prescribed burning and fire suppression techniques. Our capability to integrate an organisation’s staff training in conjunction with contracted prescribed burning ensures employees gain experience in fire strategies specific to their organisation.

Nationally Accredited Training

The following are the minimum core units of competency to complete the qualification. We also offer a range of units of competency that compliment fire management/land management. Please contact us for more information.

(equivalent of Crew Member)

  • PUAEQU001B: Prepare, Maintain and Test Response Equipment
  • PUAFIR204B: Respond to Wildfire ***
  • PUAFIR215: Prevent Injury ***
  • PUAOHS001C: Follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
  • PUATEA001B: Work in a Team ***
  • PUAFIR213: Assist with prescribed burning (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • PUAOPE003:   Navigate in urban and rural areas (Level 1 or Level 2)

(equivalent of Crew Leader)

  • PUAFIR303B:    Suppress wildfire ***
  • PUAOPE001:    Supervise response
  • PUAOPE004:    Conduct briefings and debriefings
  • PUALAW001:   Protect and preserve incident scene
  • PUATEA002 :   Work autonomously
  • PUAFIR213:      Assist with prescribed burning (Level 1 or Level 2)
  • PUAOPE003:    Navigate in urban and rural areas (Level 1 or Level 2)

*** core unit ****

  • PUAFIR312B: Operate aerial ignition equipment in an aircraft
  • PUAFIR209B: Work safely around aircraft
  • Conservation Land Management
  • Horticulture
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